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Slurry Mixers

Slurry Systems offers a large range of slurry mixers for your manure management operation. Whether you are a dairy farmer or livestock, we have the right slurry mixer for you.

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Landia Slurry Mixers

Landia Slurry PumpsQuick and easy mixing of thick surface crusts and heavy sediments. See the effects of powerful mixing with a Landia propeller agitator.

With gear and submersible motors from 5.5 to 18.5 kW.

Slurry mixer

  • Push the button and the slurry is homogenous, ready to be spread, any time you wish
  • No wasted time in waiting for stored slurry to be mixed
  • Uniform distribution of nutrients from the first to the last tanker load

Landia submersible mixers have a unique and extremely resistant sealing system, large diameter three blade propellers for maximum mixing efficiency and are quick and easy to mount, even in full tanks.

Storth Slurry Mixers

Storth Slurry MixersStorth Lagoon Slurry Mixer

  • Main chassis made of box section to give the machine extra strength
  • Fluted rubber bearing lubricated by slurry to give minimum maintenance
  • Three bladed propeller gives high displacement with the minimum input of power
  • PTO shaft fitted with shear bolt to prevent damage to the mixer or tractor
  • Hydraulic ram controls depth adjustment

Storth Lagoon Slurry Mixer

Storth Contractor Slurry Mixer

Storth Contractor Slurry MixerThe ultimate machine for aggressive mixing action for the contractor or large modern day farmer. With a mixing depth of up to 4.5 metres controlled by a hydraulic ram. Fully galvanised machine with a 600mm propeller. A shear bar is attached to the machine in order to cut all fibres as the machine is in operation. Bearing arrangement at the propeller end consists of five seals and three bearings set in a precision machined housing.

The drive shaft consists of two 55mm solid drive shafts and one PTO joint with three 2" bearings, accurately positioned on the machine. To allow smooth and efficient operation, three grease points are positioned strategically on the machine to allow easy accessible greasing. Tractor to machine PTO shaft is fitted with a shear bolt to prevent damage to the machine or tractor. 120hp is required to drive this machine in 540rpm.

Storth Tankmaster Slurry Mixer

  • Storth TankmasterThe quick and reliable solution when a tank becomes heavily encrusted
  • Mobile or fixed machines
  • All models have a 20 ft long top beam
  • Vertical columns come in varied heights 6ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 16 ft and 20 ft
  • Top and bottom heavy duty gearboxes
  • Hydraulic ram controls depth
  • Spool valve control available as an extra if needed
  • Fully galvanised

Storth Tankmaster

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