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Slurry Pumps

Slurry Systems offers a large range of slurry pumps for your manure management operation. Whether you are a dairy farmer or livestock, we have the right slurry pump for you.

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Storth Slurry Pumps

Storth Slurry PumpsSTORTH have developed the most versatile range of slurry pumps to cope with everything from the small farmers needs to the contractor's range.

High performance, reliability and the highest standard of engineering are the reasons why sales of these exceptional value for money STORTH slurry pumps continue to escalate.

Super Jet 1 Slurry Pump

Super Jet 1 pumpSuper Jet 1 pump is a static model which delivers slurry straight from the impeller drum up to the 5" male bauer discharge fitting. Depths are available from 5ft to 14 ft, 60 to 70 hp is required delivering 2500 gallons per minute.

Super Jet 2 Slurry Pump

Super Jet 2 Slurry PumpSuper Jet 2 pump is a static model with a under surface agitator fitted on the main delivery tube to divert slurry causing a high pressure jet for agitation. Moving a handle at the pump head diverts slurry up to the 5" male bauer discharge fitting. Different depths are available from 5ft to 14 ft 60 to 70 hp required delivering 2500 gallons per minute

Super Jet 3 Slurry Pump

Super Jet 3 Slurry PumpSuper Jet 3 pump is quick attach to tractor arms with no top link required allowing easy movement from pit to pit. From the tractor seat a double acting ram allows the pump to be used in different depth pits. Also this pump has an undersurface agitator fitted to the main delivery tube with a wide arc to allow agitation underneath the tractor, moving a handle at the pump head diverts slurry up to the 5" male bauer discharge. Depths available are 6ft - 8ft and 8ft - 10 ft, 80 to 100 hp required delivering 3000 gallons per minute

Super Jet 4 Slurry Pump

Super Jet 4 Slurry PumpSuper Jet 4 Pump is fully mounted to the tractor using the top link and quick attach lower link enabling the PTO to be left connected when moving from pit to pit. A tilt ram gives full control of the machine enabling the pump to access awkward tank holes. The pump can operate in various depth pits as it is being carried on the tractor linkage which can move the pump up and down. The machine is fitted with an under surface agitator which gives a wide mixing arc. The pump is also fitted with four blade impellor and a heavy duty gear box. The discharge pipe is 5" male bauer. 80-100hp is required giving a capacity of up to 3,500 gallons per minute.

Super Jet 5 Slurry Pump

Super Jet 4 Slurry PumpSuper Jet 5 pump regarded as the highest performing pump in the STORTH range. Designed for the progressive farmer and the contractor, this pump has been manufactured with strength, upgraded drive impellor and a large heavy duty gear box to withstand continuous mixing and pumping for hours. 6" discharge allows this pump to product 4000 gallons of slurry per minute to the pump head. Super Jet 5 comes into it's own for agitation, causing high pressure for immense mixing performance. height adjustment on the agitator is controlled from the tractor seat by a hydraulic ram, lockable in 28 positions increasing a wider mixing arc to mix underneath the tractor. Quick attach and hydraulic top link make it easy to move from pit to pit without disconnecting the PTO.

Electric Slurry Pumps

Super Jet 4 Slurry PumpElectric Slurry pumps are fitted with a 3ph 22kw motor with option to have a undersurface agitator. Available depths range from 5ft to 14 ft. Discharge fitting is a 4" male bauer delivering 1000 gallons per minute.

The control panel is fitted with level sensors allowing for automatic or manual stop start.

6" Re-Circulation Slurry Pump

These enable mixing of slurry storage tanks or lagoons which hold a head of slurry which feeds the 6" inlet pipe. With the tractor in 1000RPM will discharge the slurry through the outlet on the pump back to the storage tank giving great mixing power. The machine is fully galvanised on a 3 point linkage frame. 6 blades make up the impellor with a synthetic rubber bearing in the drum housing and a 2" blockhoused bearing at the PTO end.


  • All models are fully galvanised
  • Discharge coupling male bauer 5"
  • Heavy duty gearboxes proven over 25 years
  • Shear-bolt on universal joint between gearbox and impeller shaft
  • At the top of the impeller shaft a Blockhoused bearing is used to ensure smooth running
  • Under surface agitator bolted in for precision fit and no false discharge
  • At the bottom of impeller shaft a proven rubber bearing is used which is lubricated by slurry
  • The impeller housing has been designed to cope with the thickest of slurry and provide a consistent flow
  • Six blades on impeller
  • Protruding blades on the impeller break up solids when entering the drum housing


Landia Slurry Pumps

Landia Slurry PumpsThousands of Landia slurry mixers operate worldwide. Our pumps are well-known for their high quality and durability - many pumps have been operating for more than 20 years!

They are well-suited for the pumping of slurry with a high dry matter content and a thick consistency - also when it comes to pumping over long distances.

Slurry Pumps:

Submersible Slurry Pumps

Landia's submersible pumps are developed for harsh and difficult operation conditions, such as thick slurry with a high dry matter content. The unique choppig system prevents clogging of the pump and connected pipes.

Submersible PumpsSubmersible motors from 1.5 to 18.5 kW

  • Vertical installation with slushing systems and mixing in receptions pits or storage tanks
  • Simple horizontal or vertical installation for pump funtions in reception pits
  • Can be moved from tank to tank


The special design of the pump casing and the impeller together with the knifesystem ensures that even thick and straw-filled liquid manure can be pumped. The knife system will comminute e. g straw to keep the inlet open.

Submersible Pumps

Extended knife system

  • High efficiency motors
  • Efficient chopping system for comminution for keeping the inlet free
  • Mechanical seal against the medium and between the oil chamber and the motor
  • Pressure tested waterproof motor casing, thermal sensors in the windings
  • Comprehensive equipment range of hot dip galvanized steel, e. g. for transfer to storage tank, pumping into slurry tank lorry, mixing in storage tank, flushing from reception pit etc.


Long-shafted Slurry Pump

Long-shafted slurry pumpFor electric and PTO operation with motors from 5.5 til 30.0 kW. Especially suited for pumping of slurry and other liquids with a high dry matter content.

Effecient and trouble-free long distance pumping.

  • Unique chopping system for solids maceration
  • Combined auger and knife system to produce a homogenous slurry
  • No clogging of downline pipe or tube system
  • Optional flushing and mixing equipment
  • Liquid lubricated, maintenance free intermediate and bottom bearings
Long-shafted slurry pump Long-shafted slurry pump
Intermediate bearing Right angle gear for PTO operation


Dry Installed Slurry Pumps

Cost saving solution without reception pit. Ideal for pig sheds with vacuum slurry systems. Ensures effective emptying of each channel sector. Several sheds can be connected to one pump.

Dry installed slurry pumpsMotors from 1.5 to 18.5 kW.

Landia centrifugal pumps with open impellers and ventilated motors from 0.55 to 30.0 kW. Especially suited for pumping of heavily contaminated liquids with a high dry matter content, like e. g. slurry. Numerous application possibilities: agricultural slurry, vegetable processing, fish industry, for increased pressure, vacuum plants and biogas plants.

  • High efficiency
  • Sturdy pump casing and impeller of cast iron
  • Specially designed pump casing and impeller for pumping of slurry, pulp and sludge
  • Can be supplied with two different knife systems
  • Easily exchanged sealing system
  • Extensive hot dip galv. mounting and operating equipment range

Submersible Propeller Slurry Pumps

With gear and submersible motors from 5.5 to 11.0 kW. Mixing performances from 2000 to 4000 m³/h.

Submersible propeller pumpsThe ideal pump for slurry circulation and homogenisation under slatted floors. Suitable to dairies or cattle sheds with every long slurry channel systems.

Landia propeller pump type AXP 500 for slurry circulation and homogenisation in channels under slatted floors. Also well-suited for very long slurry channels. Regular daily operating intervals controlled by a timer ensure effective mixing and homogeneous slurry.

  • Powerful mixing and circulation in slurry channel systems.
  • Homogeneous slurry, ready to be spread at any time without problems with clogging of channels sections beneath the slatted floors.
  • With a Landia propeller pump, your system will work at full satisfaction, cost effectively and with a minimum of your time involved.
  • Profit by our know-how when planning your channel system, our consultancy is your security.

Valve and Sluice Gates

Landia's wide range of sluice valves and gates come in stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel. With our wide product range, we are always able to find the optimal solution for your particular project.

Stainless steel valvesStainless steel valves

For PVC pipes, for concreting. Material: stainless steel.

Numerous applications

  • Drain valve at discharge line
  • Stop valve at discharge distribution to one or more tanks
  • Check valve inside or outside the building
  • Replacement of existing check valves: the valve can be mounted outside the slurry channel or the building, securing easy and safe operation


  • special safety spring on the handle, securing the valve to remain open during pumping
  • frost-proof
  • shockresistant
  • stuck-free
  • slurry-tight

The check valves are available with a 1.2 m stainless steel lever as well as PVC lever protection pipe.

Sluice gates

Sluice gates for slurry-handling in stainless steel or galvanized.

Sluice gates

We have a wide range of gates for the resolution of various task.

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